Using Home Care to Help Find the Balance Between Caregiving and Your Career

29 November, 2023

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It is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, you have your job, which offers you purpose, fulfilment, and of course, a pay check. On the other hand, you’re taking care of someone you love at home.

Trying to give 100% to these two crucial roles can leave you mentally and physically spent, with little if any time to care for yourself.

You’re not alone. Nearly 6 out of 10 family care providers over age 50 are also working outside of the home.

How do they balance caregiving and a career and How Can Family Caregivers Manage Caregiving and a Career?

Here are some tips:

Review your employee handbook. It might have been years since you’ve cracked open the handbook you received when you were first employed. And back when you were first hired, your personal circumstances might have looked completely different from how they look now. Go back and re-read the policies with respect to family emergencies or medical needs, flexibility in working hours.

You may be eligible to take unpaid and/or paid leave without fear of losing your position.

Get respite care. Whether you opt to modify your work schedule to better support your caregiving tasks, or you decide to continue to devote yourself fully to your work, respite home care from a trusted home care agency is a lifesaver. A professional home care giver can fill in any holes in care, from just a few hours weekly up to full-time, around-the-clock care.

This allows you the freedom to choose to:

Work from home with caregiving support at your side, enabling you to concentrate on your work while still being present with your aging loved one.

Work full-time while knowing an experienced caregiver is at home preparing meals and providing light housekeeping, assisting with personal care, offering transportation and companionship, etc. so that you can come home and simply enjoy time with your loved one.

Find any blend of the two that best works for you, with a fully trained and experienced caregiver filling in the gaps accordingly for seamless care.

Talk to HR. Once you’ve decided to explore a modified work schedule or to take some extended time away from work, plan a time to consult with your HR representative. Explain the situation as well as the solution you would like to look into. You may also want to see if there is the option to work from home, either part or full time, even if just temporarily. The earlier you have this meeting, the better. You don’t want to wait until you’re in crisis mode to try to come to a resolution.

At St Margarets Homecare we partner with family caregivers in whatever way works best for them and their loved one.

Let us make it easier for you to enjoy a better balance between caregiving and your career with our award-winning respite and home care services.

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