Our Birdie App helps you to stay in touch with your loved ones in real time

Our Care App Birdie helps you stay in touch with your elderly loved ones

Birdie App

We have introduced a new care management system, Birdie, to give our clients and carers the best possible workflow. Birdie is app based and revolutionises the way we operate and most importantly allows our clients, and their families, to keep up to date with everything going on concerning their care package.
  • It reduces the administration time required by a carer so that they can dedicate more time available to the client and their needs.
  • It brings clients and families closer together in real time. Wherever a family member may be in the world they can login to Birdie and see how their loved one is, their state of mind and all updated comments relating to the last visit by our team.
  • It keep clients informed on carer arrival times in case they are running late due to traffic or any other hold-ups.
  • It improves client confidentiality and creates a much safer environment for data protection.
stay in touch with your loved ones with Birdie our care app
staying in touch with your elderly loved ones with Birdie is easy
  • All rotas, care plans and scheduling are updated in real time and available to carer, client (and their family) 24/7.
  • It is a totally paperless process so reduces unnecessary paper waste and also reduces cross contamination risks of using a paper-based system.
  • Homecare work by nature can sometimes leave staff feeling very isolated or detached. Birdie helps bring all of our carers together to feel part of the amazing team that we have.
Please watch the video for a brief introduction to Birdie