Kim Williams journey into a career at St Margaret’s Homecare

25 June, 2021

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Kim started her working life in a leading supermarket and stayed there for 12 years, there came a point when she decided to look at other options as was getting restless and wanted a fresh challenge.  It isn’t always easy to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone!  But Kim noticed adverts for carers at St Margaret’s Homecare and got in touch to enquire more about the role. Kim successfully changed her life and became a carer for St Margaret’s Homecare in Selby, 2 years on and her passion and drive for her new role is one of determination to deliver the best possible care for the clients.

So, changing your direction in your work can be done and choosing a new vocation to be a carer in what is a much needed service to your local community can be so very rewarding. With a change of direction comes a journey to learn the ropes and the team at St Margaret’s have a new starter process in place that ensured Kim got off to the right start with a training programme that included medication, moving and handling, first aid, infection control and key training courses by CareSkills.  Part of the process to ensure you get support in your new role is to partner an experienced carer in the early stages so that you build your confidence with clients.

Kim now looks after clients each day for St Margaret’s and is truly changing lives.

“I have never looked back, my role at St Margaret’s Homecare has changed my life, every day is different, my clients and their care is the key and being part of such a wonderful team where you genuinely feel a part of something that makes a difference in the community is truly a happy feeling. If you are unhappy in your current job or want to explore something new, I would recommend you look into the care sector, as you become a lifeline to clients and their families and you meet some amazing people and in these strange times that is very reassuring.’  Kim Williams, Carer.