Joining St Margaret’s Homecare has changed my life

8 January, 2022

Posted in: Our Care

My journey through Covid 19 has been one that’s changed my life and personally for me it’s been a transition into new chapters that are very rewarding.

Working in retail which I enjoyed for 10 years and at managerial level meant the responsibility when Covid 19 struck the high street was a complete change to how we manage our team and above all service customers. Overnight the landscape changed, being furloughed and then back to work part time when restrictions were lifted, all added pressure at a time when I was looking ahead to welcoming my first child.  Whilst reflecting on the current circumstances and being realistic the effect on the High Street wasn’t going away quickly, I felt the need to change my career and seek a job that would be flexible and enable me to be with my baby as well as enjoy a work life balance.

The pandemic has been life changing for me, my new baby son was born in the first lockdown and now he is 16 months old. My change to become a Mum has been amazing and then seeing St Margaret’s Homecare advert for carers, was something that really appealed to me. So, after interviews and discussions with the teams I joined St Margaret’s in October 2021.

The carers role is not only rewarding to me daily, but I truly feel like part of the St Margaret’s family and then when I visit client to care for them in their homes I feel like their family too!  My induction to such a different role was brilliant, the team took me through an intense training programme which entailed home visits with teams to observe and identify best practice for our clients and the different care support we give.  Online studies also part of the process to ensure all industry process and procedures are followed and my induction then complete to start actively helping our clients. I now work in the Harrogate area for St Margaret’s as a carer, often visiting clients alone and carrying out their care plan.

I am so incredibly happy with my choices and becoming a carer for St Margaret’s has been an amazing change for me and it allows me to work and then spend time with my little boy.  I wanted a career change that would mean I have hours that play to being a mum too as I didn’t want to miss out on this special time, yet I also get to work for a company that is literally helping and changing people’s quality of life each day.  To be a part of this makes me feel very proud and I thank all my wonderful clients for the welcome they have given me.

My advice to anyone considering a change or career and worried a step into homecare could be too challenging, I would say reconsider as my experience proves that it can be your best choice and the company you join will invest the time in training and supporting you.