Five Common Misconceptions About Home Care

14 November, 2023

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Let us begin by stating this unequivocally: we love the home care business because of the independence it offers its users benefit from the comfort of their own home.


We are passionate about it from every angle and love to hear the stories and feedback of how our exceptional caregivers go above and beyond.


The greatest satisfaction, though, is knowing that the families depending on our home care know their loved ones are safe and being cared for by an exceptional professional.


Our objective has always been “to be the extended family when family can’t be there”.


However, there are some misconceptions about home care that might be keeping people who can benefit the most from looking into it as a viable solution for a loved one.


We have come up with five misconceptions we commonly hear as to why people don’t consider home care.


  • “Once a carer is assigned, I’ll be stuck with them even if I don’t like or trust that person”

That is never the case at St Margarets Homecare, and we work hard to make sure that never happens in the first place. In fact, as part of your free in-home assessment, a St Margarets Homecare professional will ask a series of questions designed to help find the perfect match between client and caregiver. But sometimes things don’t always work out the way we expect. In that case, it’s absolutely the right of the client to request a different Caregiver who is a better match.


  • “Caregivers don’t really care about their clients”

For us, this is especially easy to debunk. St Margarets Homecare were named one of the Top 20 Home Care Provider Groups in the UK for 2023. This Award is based 100% on client feedback and reviews. The Awards are a great indication of how exceptional our care team are and how well we care for our clients.


  • “Caregivers will take the place of family or friends”

Perhaps this is the flipside of concern for point 2, above, in that we care too much! While caregivers and clients do develop close relationships, it’s never at the expense of the client’s family or friends. In fact, many caregivers actually help keep those bonds strong by providing transportation to lunch with friends or to family gatherings, or helping the client keep in touch with loved ones through social media such as Facebook or Skype. Caregivers have families, too, so they understand their role in the overall dynamic.


  • “Home care is permanent and only for seniors”

We’re proud of our work with seniors and that will never change. Seniors do comprise the majority of those for whom we care, but there are other situations where in-home care provides the perfect solution. As most of you know, hospitals aare interested in getting patients out of the hospital as quickly as possible. Home care can be a great assistance after surgery or other treatment to help a patient recuperate. We also care for many with long term/permanent conditions.


  • “Home care is too expensive”

As with many things, the cost associated with the service becomes the dominant concern. But the facts are that in-home care is not only the preferred option but it’s also the most cost efficient. With the cost of living in an assisted living facility nearing £3,500 a month on average, the cost of providing in-home care is much more reasonable.


In addition, the consultation to find out if home care is a good solution is free. A care plan is tailored at that time to meet the specific needs of each family. As time goes by, our care team will work with the family to make adjustments that prioritise keeping the client safe while providing peace of mind to loved ones.


Finally, we will work with you to find all available options to help with payment, such as through social services funding.


So why not reach out to us today to learn more about our team of caring and experienced personal caregivers, registered nurses, and home health aides who expertly serve families just like yours.


We’re here for you and are happy to assist your family at any time.


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