Covid 19 – Our policy and working practices

11 January, 2021

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Covid safety comes first for clients, families and our team

In the last year our focus on client and staff safety was stepped up when COVID changed all our lives.  St Margaret’s Homecare was key to our client’s day to day contact and we ensured our carers had the time to ensure that they not only carry out their duties but also give our clients the human contact, time and compassion they need to stay happy and positive in this troubling time. How unsettling and daunting it has been for everyone, we truly felt for our families who couldn’t see their loved ones, and so our responsibility as the homecare team was to ensure we more than ever were there for everyone, our team have been amazing in providing that consistency in care and ensuring we keep the clients safe and well on a day to day basis.

To help stem the current pandemic we have taken numerous steps and measures to ensure the ultimate safety for our clients and carers. We have always invested heavily in PPE, long before Covid, and will continue to do so long after we overcome it. Client safety top of mind and thrilled that now most of our elderly clients in our care have had their vaccinations.

As this week marks a change in momentum to lockdown restrictions, we are delighted that our families can in some cases be reunited albeit outdoors, that will be such a special time to hold close.  The vaccination roll out is truly outstanding and something we are all embracing and the majority of our team have had their Covid vaccination.  The team will continue to wear their PPE for the foreseeable as we like the nation do not want to take any risk and clearly we must all be cautions and above all stay safe.

St Margaret’s Homecare prides itself on being a constant support to our clients and their families and this year has been a very different one for us all.  Our focus and strength to deliver the best possible homecare service today is a testament to our ability to rise to the challenges Covid gave us and where we could put our strength and trust in each to work through it and ensure safety at all times.