Connecting carers and families

11 January, 2021

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St Margaret’s introduce technology to deliver real-time updates

  • App leading regular updates from your carers
  • Keeping you in the know 24/7
  • Connecting families with our daily updates

We appreciate now more than ever, that updates and knowledge about our visits are key. So, we have invested in a new app ‘Birdie’ that will be handled by our team and carers. You will be able to log in and receive regular updates on our daily/weekly visits to our clients.

Personal service and updates from our team are key to ensuring our clients and their extended family are confident and in the know about how the homecare is going.  Days can pass so quickly and become weeks, but with our new app, you will have a constant update from our team on the personal care to include how visits have gone, key points to note and general updates to ensure everyone is up to date.

Exceptional hands on personal homecare is what we deliver, and in today’s world an app like this will enable us all to have peace of mind with safety of care being top of mind for our team.

We also understand that apps can be a challenge, but please be assured our team can help you to set it up and get you started.  Our regular updates will become a ‘new normal’ and give you additional peace of mind.

staying in touch with your elderly loved ones with Birdie is easy