Birdie app keeping client families informed wherever they are in the world

19 October, 2021

Posted in: Our Care


Jill Adam thank you for sharing your story about how the team at St Margaret’s make you and your families care plan such a success for your Mum – Muriel who turned 90 this year.

Jill lives in France and so her everyday calls and now updates from the Birdie app have literally been a wonderful way to engage with the St Margaret’s team, real-time updates on every visit to see Muriel.

In June this year, Muriel got sepsis and was hospitalised for some time, on her return home the family increased St Margaret’s Homecare from 1 visit per day to 4 per day, this was key to Muriel to feel safe and secure with supported independence at home.  The visits were timed to not only break up the day for the family and Mum but to also coincide with when it was time to help with medication, food and evening late night visit to help Muriel upstairs safely.  The flexibility offered by the team is just wonderful and they all pop in and behave like part of the family, Muriel now awaits the visits and with a key team of carers it’s always nice to hear their updates and sometimes literally sitting watching the television and comparing stories is what makes all the difference.

The past year has been incredibly worrying for families with elderly parents at home needing support and regular visits, Jill and her brothers Bill (Harrogate) and Mark (South Coast) have been overwhelmed by the care and support they have had which gives them peace of mind.

Now that lockdown restriction have been lifted they love to visit or call Mum each day, but its important they all feel that is quality time with Muriel – to chat to Mum as Mum, not as a patient is so important for them all, St Margaret’s have been the lifeline they needed to be kept updated via Birdie after each visit – peace of mind they know all is OK and feel totally in tune with what is going on.

“After what has been a worrying time for Mum, the team are fantastic, friendly, positive, efficient and above all develop a true meaningful relationship with my Mum, that words can’t explain how wonderful that is for myself and my brothers”.  Jill Adam